We are co-laborers in the gospel

At BGC we call those who join the church partners. “Members” pay fees at local gyms and social clubs. They pay their dues, use the equipment, get what they want, and go home. Church is different. We are partners in the gospel, each doing his or her part to advance the kingdom of God on this earth (Php. 1:5).

Partnering with a church is a process. You need to ask questions, understand the doctrine being taught, and discern if this is where God’s called you to serve for the long haul. In short, you need to explore.

Our Explore class helps newcomers understand what we believe and practice as a church.

Here’s the breakdown
of our 9 Explore sessions:

  1. Introduction to BGC’s Vision & Mission
  2. The Scriptures
  3. The Gospel of Jesus Christ
  4. The Holy Spirit
  5. Community
  6. Serving & Giving
  7. Sanctification – How a Christian Grows
  8. Pastoral Care
  9. Mission

There's no perfect church. If there were, you and I would mess it up as soon as soon as we joined! BGC isn't perfect. We're people in need of change helping other people in need of change, all while trusting the unchanging, perfect Savior - Jesus Christ.

To learn more about partnership at BGC, contact us!