BG Kids


BGC loves kids and families.

Making disciples of the youngest among us is crucial. This is the next generation and we want to pass the baton of the gospel on to them effectively. To that end, BG Kids aims to help parents and kids love and live the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Vision & Mission of BG Kids:

  • OUR VISION: to create a safe and encouraging environment where children can learn God’s word.

  • OUR MISSION: to compel children to become disciples of Jesus who love God, love one another and love the world around them.


Visiting BG Kids on Sunday Morning

BG Kids provides opportunities for children from 6 months through 6th grade during the morning services. Parents can easily find the clearly identified areas where children are checked into their classrooms.

Parents will receive a security tag and a nametag to place on their children’s back. Both tags are required to check your kids in and out of BG Kids, so keep track of those things! We’ll also flash your number on the screen if we need to get a hold of you during the service.

During class children have fun singing songs, enjoying age-appropriate activities, and learning engaging lessons from God’s word. The ministry follows The Gospel Project curriculum, which keeps the person and work of Christ central in every OT and NT lesson. 4th-6th grade students join the adults for corporate worship; before the sermon begins, they’ll be sent with their teachers to their classroom.

If you have any questions, our registration workers are waiting to help you when you come!

For your child’s safety and your peace of mind we…

  • Require background checks for all volunteers

  • Provide ongoing training for all volunteers

  • Use a parent authentication identification system

  • Adhere to the 2-volunteer room policy (i.e. your child will never be alone with an adult anywhere at anytime)

  • Employ hall monitors and a security team to promote and maintain building safety

  • Equip volunteers to know how to evacuate children safely in case of an emergency

  • Educate our staff and volunteers to recognize suspected child abuse and require them to understand and follow any applicable reporting laws

  • Adhere to a healthy child policy for admittance to BG Kids

For more info on BG Kids policies and procedures, check out our Handbook: