1.     Click on the link below to login to OneChurch. 


2.     The screen below appears.



3.     Begin the registration process by clicking on the Register button.

  • Alternatively click on the Login with Facebook or Google buttons.  OneChurch will utilize the contact details and your password from Facebook and Google. 

4. After clicking the Register button, you will be prompted to enter your email address then click the Check button.



5.     Registration Outcomes:

a. The email address entered in registration matches an email in OneChurch -  An email is sent to the user to set their password and the user will then be given access to that profile.

b. The email address entered in registration does not match existing data in OneChurch – the user will be prompted to complete a new profile.


c.  An account exists for the email entered in registration.  The user should try to enter their password, or click on the Forgot Password link or contact m.agard@verizon.net